This will show you how to get a Bot running in minutes using our example bot model, and then how to change the responses to something appropriate to your needs.

You will need a Microsoft™ Azure account which you can get here.

To begin, go to the Microsoft Azure Portal and log in to your account.

Select Bot services.

Bot services in portal

Select Add and then Bot Channels Registration.

Bot service add

Select Create.

Fill in the name of the new bot, which must be as yet unregistered, and fill in the other values.

Bot channels registration

Either set the appid and password yourself, or auto create.

Select Create again.

After a short period your Bot connection will be created.

Select the bot you have just created, go to settings and then above the App ID, click on manage.

Now, in Darl.ai, select the model you wish to use for the bot on the models page.

Select Open model and then choose Connectivity on the left side bar.

Bot connectivity

Click the +row button and fill in the App ID and the password from the portal settings. You may need to create a new pasword.

Now click Save connectivity at the bottom of the page.

Back on the Portal Settings page, set the messaging endpoint to "https://darlbot.com/api/messages"

messaging endpoint

Save the changes to the bot in the portal.

Now, if everything has worked, you should be able to test the new bot using the Test in web chat link.

Test in web chat

You can make changes to the selected bot using the Edit tree page.

You can switch the bot model used by deleting the appropriate row in the Connectivity Bot Framework's connection, (making note of the App ID and password) opening the preferred model on the models page, going back to connectivity, now for the new model, and adding the removed credentials to that bot model.